TekTalk International Long-Distance Per-Minute Rates
Use this tool to look up our per-minute rates.
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Please note that only international calling rates are included with this tool. Long-distance rates for calls within Canada and the United States of America are not included in this tool. Check your TekTalk service plan for North America long-distance rates.
How will I be billed for long-distance calls?
Long-distance calls under six seconds will not be billed.
Long-distance calls that are six seconds or longer will be billed for a minimum of 30 seconds.
Long-distance calls longer than 30 seconds will be billed on a six-second increment basis. That means calls are rounded up to the nearest multiple of six seconds. For example, a long-distance call that lasts 32, 35, or 36 seconds will be billed for 36 seconds. One that lasts 37 seconds will be billed for 42 seconds.