TekSavvy Service Change Request Form
If you are
  • Moving
  • Changing your telephone number
  • Changing your telephone provider
  • Changing DSL speed
fill-in this form with the necessary information, and we will change your High Speed connection to reflect your request.
Please Note the fees associated to the change of service.

Change of Services Information
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Account Information
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New Phone Line Information
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Reseller Name (if not Bell):(Example: AT&T, Primus)
For all non-Bell lines we require the circuit number (formatted as LCLXXU######000BLCA000, which can be obtained from your local voice provider), please enter the circuit number in the Comment box below.
Circuit #:
Phone Line Password:(if you have a password for your phone services)
Modem MAC ID:
Please note that all Modem Swaps are for Cable Services Only and will be processed for the first available date which is usually between 1-3 business days. Please ensure to select the correct "Change Type" according to your geographical region
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